Investment Expertise, Exemplary Service

Baird Advisors’ proven investment expertise and commitment to exemplary service uniquely position us to help clients meet their fixed-income investment objectives.

Our long-tenured team employs a rigorous risk-controlled discipline based on bottom-up analysis that has delivered consistent, competitive performance for more than 30 years. We manage taxable and tax-exempt portfolios comprised of cash bonds, all U.S. dollar-denominated with no derivatives or leverage, at an attractive expense ratio (30 bps Institutional Class) to enhance future returns.

The Baird Difference

We’re proud to be part of Baird, a privately held employee-owned firm with a more than 100-year history of financial strength and stability. Baird’s long-term focus emphasizes what’s best for clients, so they give us the autonomy to run our business in the way that’s best for our clients while supporting all of our back-office functions so we can focus purely on investing. Baird also shares our core values of honesty, integrity, teamwork and giving back in our communities. This unique culture makes Baird a workplace of choice for our industry’s top talent, enabling us to attract and retain the best people to serve you.